Christ-Centered Second in Command Peer Groups

God. Marriage. Family. Business.

If your faith is important to you and you would like to surround yourself with like-minded people that also want to walk closely with God through the challenges of life and being an Integrator/Second-in-Command, one of our programs might be a good fit for you.

What is A Christ-centered 2IC Peer Group?

Learn & Grow Together

With over a decade of experience facilitating small groups in both church & in business, I have seen how powerful bringing like-minded people together can be.

In our peer groups participants will:

– pray together
– learn from world-class authors 
through monthly assigned reading
– learn from like-minded second in commands in the discussion portion
get accountability on 7 key areas of life and business
– Identify, Discuss & Solve your biggest issue each week

what do they involve?

Brief and amazing

Our peer groups are 6 months long and 1 hour a week.  They are hosted and facilitated on zoom with participants from all over North America.  The groups start and finish on time and are an impactful way to be intentional about your growth and your faith journey.

What do we do in a peer Group?


We will start and finish every session in prayer and also pray for each other throughout the weeks of the program.  We all have challenges that we have to overcome, and God knows the best solution.  We will partner with him and invite his guiding and wisdom into our challenges.


We will spend part of our weekly time together in a discussion about how a world-class book we are reading applies to our lives and businesses.  When you read a book and discuss it in a group like that, the retention and application of the learning skyrockets.


We will all be accountable in 7 key areas of our lives and business.

Faith, Family, Fitness, Marriage, Money, Management & Purity

Identify, discuss & SOlve

Each participant will bring their biggest issue/problem/stressor to the group and we will provide feedback and help to solve that problem.  If we can’t solve it in the time we have we will continue in our group discussion on slack.

WHO Will benefit from a peer group?

These groups are designed for people who are willing to be raw and real.  We will be vulnerable and we will challenge each other and be challenged. If you would like to learn more, please take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation – where we can determine if it is a good fit for you.

  • I am a Christ-following second in command with a growth mindset
  • My faith is really important to me and I want to use the gifts God has given me to bring him glory
  • Sometimes I struggle with integrating my faith into my role
  • My marriage and family are really important to me but sometimes they don't get the attention they deserve
  • I don't have strong relationships with other professional people of faith and want to develop some