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Developing your

What got you to $3-5 million revenue will not get you to $10-15 million

I specialize in helping visionary business owners to scale their business through developing a leadership team, increasing employee engagement and creating organizational clarity.

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When Is It Time To Hire A Fractional INTegrator?

Experience is the name of the game

If your business feels stuck and you don’t feel equipped or have the time to fix it.  I can help.  I am an expert in organizational leadership and systems.   My proven process will help you diagnose the problems, make a plan to fix them, get the right people on the team, and then coach you on how to continue without me.

How Much Time Will It Take?

9 monthS to 1 year and you'll be self sufficient

A typical engagement is 1 or 2 days a week for 9-12 months.  Occasionally the challenges will require more time, but by 12 months we should be well on our way.  I also will assist in recruiting, training, and coaching a full-time integrator to take my place when the time is right.

What You Can Expect


Let’s find your problems, where are the grey areas? 

Every time I engage as a fractional integrator, the first phase is always observation, question asking, and assessing where the company is at.  Only once this is complete can we begin to make the changes required to move forward.  After all, “prescription without diagnosis is malpractice”.

During this phase, I am also assessing the team and building trust to help with the coming change management that will be required.

Step 2 - Prescription

Once we have diagnosed what the major problems are, we can begin to prescribe solutions and prioritize what to fix first.  Often there are a considerable number of areas  that could use improvement and we will work together to make a plan and then begin the implementation of it.



For your business to get to the next level, you need the right people on the bus.  Often step one and two will identify some gaps in the team and we will need to clarify some roles, shift some people around, replace some people or make some new hires.  I will work together with you to make these decisions.  One of my favorite quotes is “Proper people placement prevents problems.”


Once the business is cleaned up, grey areas are removed and the right people are on the bus, it is time to find someone to replace me as your full-time integrator.   

I will help you determine what kind of integrator is required, or potentially identify someone internally that could be developed into this role.

Step 5 - Transition

Once the full-time integrator is identified, I will reduce my time working in your company and work with them to transition into the role fully.  I will help ensure that we have the right person in the role and transition into a coaching role to support the new integrator as long as is needed to ensure the success of them and your business.

Step 6 - Coaching

The last step is ongoing coaching.  I can coach one or both of you to ensure that you work well together, and continue to grow in your skills and your business.  This step is commonly a weekly one-hour zoom session for 6-9 months.


My goal is to bring massive value to you. If you meet ANY of the following criteria, please take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation – where we can determine if me joining your team is the right path forward.

  • My business is currently running on EOS
  • I am constantly frustrated and disappointed with my team
  • I dislike coaching and leading my leadership team
  • My company has $5 million+ revenue and 20+ employees

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