So you're an Integrator?

Are you struggling to work together with your Visionary effectively?

As an experienced Integrator, I’ve seen how the relationship between a Visionary and an Integrator can be a massive game-changer but can be just as much of a headache if you are not on the same page. If you’re ready, let’s connect to see how I can guide you to a more successful relationship.


Are you struggling with a lack of unity with your Visionary?  There are four simple foundational steps to change that.  But, simple doesn’t mean easy. It takes commitment and leadership to follow through, but these foundational steps will lay the groundwork for how your visionary/integrator duo functions.  If you are struggling to work together with your Visionary, “The Unity Rock” program, just might be help as well.  


You need to be aware of why EOS recommends the Visionary/Integrator duo business structure at the top of the company. Until you understand the logic behind it you cannot fully embrace this path.


You need to accept the strengths and the weaknesses of your visionary and yourself. Until you do this, you may be tempted to try to change your visionary to be more like you, and this will hold you and your company back.


You need to choose to focus on the strengths of your visionary and learn to appreciate how their complementary skills and perspective work perfectly alongside yours to propel the business forward.


You need to activate your unique abilities and use them for maximum impact.  When you are both spending 80% of your time functioning in your sweet spots, the sky is the limit.

Understanding The Integrator Role

Not sure what an Integrator is?  An integrator is a second in command operational leader of a company.  They typically are great with systems and processes and enjoy the day to day operation of a business.  They are great at the details and love solving small problems.  Due to this they are perfectly positioned to work alongside a visionary.


If you are a new integrator or even an experienced one, it is likely that your visionary drives you crazy at times.  He/she thinks so differently and maybe even doesn’t get why your role is so important.  You need to know that it is.  In fact, without you, the business will struggle in many ways.  But you need to understand that the visionary role is also very important.  Both are needed.  Because of this the two of you need to learn to work together as a team.  If you are having challenges in this area, I can help.  Fourteen years working with visionaries has helped me to understand them and what it takes to use my complementary skills to make an incredible team. 

Challenges of an Integrator

As an Integrator, you are working under a Visionary who sees things on a big picture level and while their gifts are important and powerful there are some challenges that come when a visionary leads the company without an integrator bringing balance to their approach.  Below are some common challenges:

  • Organizational whiplash – One of the unique abilities of the typical visionary is their ideas.  Some visionaries can have as many as 20 ideas a week.  Some may be good ideas and most not so much.  If the organization has not been sheltered from this steady flow of ideas, it can cause frustration, as the employees are never certain of where they are going, because it keeps changing all the time.

  • Getting on the same page – Visionaries can be hard to nail down.  They tend to be very busy and have many things on the go.  Therefore, it can be hard to get them to commit to regular meetings, in order to stay on the same page with them.

  • Letting go of the vine – If your visionary has carried the full weight of the organization for a long time, it can be very hard for them to let go of control.  This can create a bottleneck that holds the company back, as everyone must go through them for the big and even small decisions.

Your role is very challenging, but an extremely important one. It can often be lonely, even though you have a hand in virtually every aspect of the business. Taking control of your role as an Integrator may be very difficult depending on the business model in which you are working and the desire for growth and change your Visionary (and you) have. It is absolutely possible for you to work well together and for the two of you together to take the business to the next level, but you have to be willing to change perspective and see things from each other’s points of view.

Overcoming the Challenges

The fact is, though, a company needs both a strong Visionary and Integrator, and in order to make this possible, the challenges you are facing have to be overcome.

  • You are the filter – Your visionaries ideas are a strength, but they have to be filtered and this is where you come in. You have a different gift and your gift is logic and reason. You need to be the filter that sorts out the ideas that the visionary comes up with to determine which ones are implemented now, which should be implemented later and which are just a straight up no. The rest of the organization should only hear about the ideas that will be implemented now and must be sheltered from the rest, to avoid organizational whiplash.
  • Build the meeting pulse – Staying on the same page as a V/I Duo and leadership is crucial. It is the one thing that will reap the most results. You must be the driving force behind consistent regular and effective meetings. Your visionary likely hates being in meetings because they feel like a waste of time. You must become an expert in running effective meetings and ensure that they happen.
  • Help your visionary let go – There are many ways to help your visionary let go. One is having a really strong scorecard that helps them stay informed. One is ensuring that the visionary is kept informed on the things that matter most to him/her. For them, no news is not good news. If they know everything is under control without them, it will make it much easier to let go.

If you’re doing these things, you will start to see the incredible impact that you can have on your organization and your visionary will begin to really trust you and empower you even more. 


My goal is to bring massive value to you. If you meet ANY of the following criteria, please take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation – where we can figure out the best way to continue improving your EOS implementation.

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  • My Visionary™ and I are struggling to stay on the same page

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