So you're an Implementer?

You want your clients to be successful, but sometimes it takes more than quarterly meetings to make it happen.

This is where I can help.  I specialize in training, coaching and developing the Visionary™/Integrator™ duo.  Sometimes they need a little private coaching or facilitation to get them firing on all cylinders.


If your client is struggling to work together as a visionary/integrator duo, I have created a program to help them overcome that challenge.  There are four simple foundational steps to the program.  But, simple doesn’t mean easy. It takes commitment and leadership to follow through. but these foundational steps will lay the groundwork for how their Visionary™/Integrator™ duo functions.  My “Unity Rock” program uses these foundational steps to help them find unity.


They need to be aware of why EOS recommends the Visionary/Integrator duo business structure at the top of the company. Until they understand the logic behind it they cannot fully embrace this path.


They need to accept the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Until they do this, they may be tempted to try to change the other person to be more like them, and this will hold them and their company back


They need to choose to focus on each others’ strengths and learn to appreciate how their complementary skills and perspective work perfectly together to propel the business forward.


They need to activate their unique abilities and use them for maximum impact.  When they are both spending 80% of their time functioning in their sweet spots, the sky is the limit.


As an implementer, you provide an incredible service to your clients.  Having an impartial outsider facilitate quarterly meetings and strategy sessions has an incredible impact on the leadership team and gets them aligned and ready to change the world.  But we both know that 90 days is a long time, and a lot can happen to sidetrack your client during that time.  EOS Worldwide discourages you from coaching your visionaries and integrators one on one so that you can stay impartial.  This is where I can help.  I have specialized my services to serve the visionary/integrator duo and I will help them and you be successful in their implementation.



We both know that the visionary and integrator are very different.  But, if they can get on the same page and stay there they can have an incredible impact on the company, but it isn’t always easy.  I have seen so many V/I Duos struggle and try to change each other or give up.  It is really unfortunate because with a little coaching I am sure they can break through to the next level.  My “Unity Rock” program is specifically designed to help them to learn how important this relationship is and how to make it function as it was meant to.

Challenges for Implementers

  • Lack of Unity – A common challenge you may find yourself facing is that the Visionary and Integrator of the company are just not working together effectively enough, which will make implementing the operating system much more difficult. Until the visionary/integrator duo can work well together and know exactly how to make the most out of each other’s unique abilities, a new operating system will not do much to help aid them in their growth.
  • Lack of Humility – Humility in both the visionary and the integrator are crucial to the success of the relationship and the company.  But how do you tackle that problem in a leadership team quarterly meeting?  You know it will hold them back, but you are unsure how to approach it.
  • An integrator who lacks confidence – Visionaries are typically strong-willed and confident and this can be challenging for the integrator who lacks confidence.  Their unique ability is desperately needed, but their lack of confidence can keep them from stepping into the role fully.

These problems and others can keep your client from experiencing the success that we know is possible when implementing EOS.  If their success is limited, it means that your success is also limited.  The more effective their implementation is, the better chance you have of getting a referral through word of mouth and building your business to the next level as well.

Overcoming Implementer Challenges

One of the challenges of being an implementer is that you are recommended not to coach your clients between quarterly sessions, so how do you help them win when you can only see them every 90 days?  Here are some ideas.

  • You have to encourage the V/I Duo to do their same page meetings regularly and value the relationship above all other commitments.  EOS recommends a monthly 4 hour same page meeting, but if they are struggling with unity, they should do it more regularly, but for a shorter duration.  As unity and trust increases the frequency of meetings can decrease.
  • Lack of humility is a hard one to overcome, but not impossible.  You have to open the eyes of the visionary and integrator to what they don’t yet see.  If they can see the other’s perspective and appreciate what their counterpart can bring to the table, this will be a huge difference maker.  We have found the book Leadership & Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute and What Got You Here, Won’t get you There by Marshall Goldsmith very effective in doing just that.
  • Integrators thrive within structure and often the structure has been lacking in companies that really need EOS.  They also really like to understand all the details of a system before they move forward.  Make sure that they have every opportunity to build their foundation of knowledge.  This will build their confidence and help them really own the role

Who makes a good client?

My goal is to bring massive value to you and your client. If you meet ANY of the following criteria, please take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation.

  • One of my visionaries really needs some private coaching
  • The partnership between one of my visionary/integrator duos could use some work
  • One of my integrators could really use some coaching as they are very green

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