How much is Entrepreneur / Second in Command friction costing you?

Developing your

Are you in total alignment with your second in command and maximizing each others unique abilities?  There is incredible potential there.  Are you making the most of it?  If not, you need to focus more energy on changing that.

Don’t have a second in command?   I may be able to help there through my fractional services or through my connections with the Christ-Centered Second in Command Network.

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As a successful Integrator™ for companies running on EOS®, I know what it takes to run a company on EOS® and I have seen the incredible impact that it can have, especially with a Visionary and Integrator™ leading it at the top.  I have also seen how a lack of unity in that duo can hold back your implementation.

With 14 years of experience working alongside Visionary™ business owners, I know just how effective a team the Visionary™ and Integrator™ can be when they are functioning in their unique abilities. I have also seen all the ways in which they can struggle to get unified and stay there. This led me to create “The Unity Guide” to help train, coach and, support the Visionary™ & Integrator™ Duo. 

More than just a person - A Tried and True 4 step program - The Unity Rock

CoachING YOUR TEAM | Where I Bring ValUE

The Unity Rock Program

I bring a unique perspective of understanding how both the Visionary™ and the Integrator™ think. I do private coaching for both the Visionary™ and the Integrator™, which will help them to work better with their counterpart.

The two of you are uniquely designed to work together, but the reality is that often “opposites attract, and then they attack.”

My “Unity Rock” program is specifically designed to help a Visionary™/Integrator™ duo to spend 8 weeks addressing their lack of unity issue and solving it. In this program, I help you to have facilitated conversations about the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, your business, and each other.

You can find unity, you just might need a little help to get you there.

Joining Your Team | WHERE I BRING VALUE

Boots on the ground leadership

Sometimes having a coach just isn’t enough. In these situations, I will work with a company one or two days a week to provide some leadership as their fractional integrator.   

I have years of experience working in messy situations and know how to bring the change needed.  I have a proven system to turn your situation around and get you on the right track.  My process also includes helping you find a top-notch Integrator™ to take my place when my contract is completed and includes ongoing coaching to help them succeed.

What Is EOS?

Not sure what a Visionary™, an Integrator™ or EOS® is? The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) is an operating system for a business.  Similar to how Windows operates your computer, EOS® is the system that your business runs on.

A key part of EOS® is the Visionary™/Integrator™ Duo. They function at the top of an organization and have complementary skills that when leveraged will take the business to the next level.

The Visionary™ is typically the ideas person, good at sales, developing new relationships, and solving big problems.

The Integrator™ is typically the logical person, great at systems, processes, and the day-to-day operation of a business.

The Players In EOS


You’ve built your business from the ground up, and invested so much of yourself along the way.  As your company gets bigger your dreams for it expand as well, but you are experiencing some bumps along the way.  Profit is down, problems are up and you are frustrated. You are looking for a way to unify your team and have a profitable business that doesn’t require you to manage every detail.

Second in Command/Integrator™

You adore systems and processes. If it can be made into a checklist or a spreadsheet you have probably already done it. You get concerned that there might be too many new initiatives too fast, and you don’t have time to get them all rolling properly. You wish you could be more unified with your Visionary™ and build the processes and systems needed for your team to flourish.


You have come into an organization set on the goal of getting them up and running with EOS®, a system you know and love. You see the possibilities for the company; however, you are noticing that friction and communication issues are making it tough to get everyone moving forward, particularly the Visionary™ & Integrator™. You aren’t sure how to help them overcome such an ingrained pattern of behavior.

Who Makes A Good Client?

My goal is to bring massive value to you, but that is only going to happen if it is a good fit between us. If you meet ANY of the following criteria, please take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation.

  • I am self-implementing EOS® and could use a sounding board for support
  • The partnership between our Visionary™ and Integrator™ could use some work
  • Our EOS Implementer® is awesome, but we could use more support between our quarterly sessions
  • I’m new to EOS® and want to get off on the right foot
  • I am a Visionary™ or an Integrator™ but I could use support as I am very new

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